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Car Accident Lawyers Adelaide

How do motor vehicle accident claims work?

Car accident lawyers Adelaide increase the opportunity of receiving your entitled financial aid. All motor accident injury claims are processed under the rules and regulations outlined by the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance scheme. As a result, significant thresholds have been implemented which limits entitlements to compensation. Every injury is measured on an Injury Scale Value (ISV) which determines whether your case is addressed as moderate or serious. Basically, once your injury is stable, authorities from the Motor Accident Injury Accreditation Scheme (MAIAS) will arrange for you to be medically examined. The MAIAS will also take medical evidence and impact on wellbeing into account to appropriately measure the extent of your injury. This is where it really helps to have some legal aid from a professional team. We’ll make sure you have all the right documentation on hand to back your case!

Car accident lawyers Adelaide

About MAIAS and the regulations

Our car accident lawyers Adelaide will outline all of the rules set by the MAIAS to boost the prospects of your success. Firstly, it’s important to note that all claims need to be made within three years of the injury date. The assessment must be carried out by MAIAS accredited practitioners, as they go through an extensive process to attain these qualifications. Your appointment will generally be arranged by your Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer, who will also cover the associated costs. The incentive behind the scheme is to create an independent system that offers an objective and dependable ISV assessment. This will play a significant role in the claims settlement process. If you feel as though your medical assessment was unfairly reported or inadequate, further investigations can be warranted. To prevent the risk of unfair representation it’s incredibly valuable to have car accident lawyers Adelaide to guide you.

How our car accident lawyers Adelaide can help you!

Our car accident lawyers Adelaide have a 98% success rate. We’ve helped hundreds of people smoothly process their injury claims within the most efficient time-frame possible. Our staff strive for results and maintain positive relationships with fellow staff and clients. We offer free consultations to discuss the intricacies of your case before advising on the best course of action.  No legal matter is free of complications, so it’s important to have a dedicated team by your side who can confidently address any issues that arise. We’re a small firm with huge motive, and we promise to look after you from end to end. Give Hilton Law a call to speak with one of our car accident lawyers Adelaide today on (08) 8161 3600!

If you’re in need of a dependable team of car accident lawyers Adelaide to guide you through the claims process, look no further than Hilton Lawyers. We’re South Australia’s most driven and passionate legal team with a success rate to match!

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