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How do I know if I have a compensable injury?

We are often asked by clients whether they have a `Compensable Injury`. If your injury has been caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another and remain for more than seven days, then you may have a compensable injury.
We strive to make all aspects of compensation law easier for you to understand, as we have found the more an injured person understands the law, the more we can achieve the best possible outcome.

I have some questions that I’d like answered to see if I do have a case. Can I talk to someone about these without any obligation or need for payment?

Yes you can. To ensure that you fully understand your legal rights, we offer a no obligation, free telephone advice service and a free initial one-on-one consultation.

I’m injured in hospital. Can you come and visit me?

Yes we can – we offer both hospital and home visits.

Where are you located?

We are located at 141 Marion Road, Richmond, South Australia

Why are you different to other firms?

Our practitioners have a vast array of experience spanning the insurance and medical industry, and have gained this both in Australia and internationally.
Our insurance experience, working for the likes of Motor Accident Commission (MAC), provides us with a solid base from which to build your case. Experience gained working with the medical industry also helps us understand your current physical and emotional difficulties and the long term consequences of your injuries.
Together, we make sure that this unique knowledge and insight is on your side, delivering the best possible outcome for you.

Under all circumstances, Hilton Lawyers Adelaide makes sure that you understand all aspects of your claim for compensation.