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Injury Lawyers Adelaide

What do our injury lawyers Adelaide do?

Injuries can have huge impact on both your physical and physiological wellbeing, so our injury lawyers Adelaide ensure that you receive adequate compensation for your trauma. We’re one of South Australia’s leading personal injury law firms—with a 98% success rate to prove it. Our team are passionate about serving and representing our local community to achieve the best results attainable in minimal time. If you have a personal injury that you’d like to process a claim for, we’ll arrange a comprehensive consultation. Better yet, we’ll do it absolutely free of charge! You’ll also receive education from end to end to help you gain confidence. Unfortunately, injury claims don’t process overnight. In fact, they can take up to 3 years finalise. As a result, that’s why you need a dedicated team of injury lawyers Adelaide who won’t give up on you! Call us on (08) 8161 3600 today.

Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Areas of personal injury

Our injury Lawyers Adelaide manage a wide-range of cases to help you get back on your feet. This includes workers compensation, car accident injury, public liability, and illnesses triggered by external factors like asbestos. The process differs quite significantly for each service area. So, our team have acquired all the necessary skills and expertise to conquer any case. For example, if your injury was acquired during a motor accident then you will have to follow the rules outlined by the Motor Accident Injury Scheme (MAIAS). The scheme was designed to ensure the public received unbiased and professional medical examinations to accurately determine the extent of their injury. As a result, they can receive the compensation they’re entitled to. During your free consultation, our lawyers will work collaboratively with you to filter out any complications that may arise. Book an appointment with the Hilton Lawyers team today!

Hilton Lawyers full scope service list

In addition to our professional injury lawyers Adelaide, Hilton Lawyers also have experts who specialise in other areas of law. Our service list includes:

Family Law—these matters can be incredible stressful to deal with. We empathise with our clients and offer the appropriate advice and support to resolve your disputes in minimal time.

Wills & Estates—it is essential that you have a will written to avoid what is referred to as an intestate death. Hilton Lawyers will help you draft and update your will to ensure you have considered all aspects of your estate.

Insurance & Superannuation—your superannuation scheme offers more cover than you might be aware of. In fact, most will offer monetary compensation if their members become sick or injured. Our team will outline all of your right and benefits from the get-go! Call (08) 8161 3600 for prompt assistance from our injury lawyers Adelaide!

With a 98% success rate, passion for excellence, and ongoing drive to provide the best for our local community—trust Hilton Lawyers. Our injury lawyers Adelaide will see that you receive the appropriate financial aid to compensate for your injury!

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