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Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Fight for your Right | Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Hilton Lawyers’ expert team of Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers has been serving the Adelaide community since 1995. In cases involving a motor vehicle accident, it is extremely important to obtain professional legal advice as soon as possible from experts. What makes our team of Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Adelaide so effective is our understanding of the effects accidents can have on you and your family. As a result, we take the best legal routes to obtain the necessary resources to win your case. Our team of professional lawyers collect all the essential evidence, including specialised reports, statements and pictures of the incident to back your claim in the most effective way possible. We believe in collaborating with our clients to determine the best compensation for you, whilst keeping in mind your time and money.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

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Our Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers are known for being the best in Adelaide for over two decades. This is because we have adapted our methods throughout the years in accordance with the changing laws and regulations. Under the new regulations, making claims for compensation is becoming increasingly more complicated. However, despite this, our professional team of Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers have successfully been able to defend the entitlements of our clients, negotiating each step of the process in the most efficient way possible. Right from our first meeting, we explain to our clients all the steps of the process involved in making a substantial claim and whether their case can be fought on a ‘no win no salary’ basis. At Hilton Law, our primary concern is to always secure both short term and long-term results for you.

Settle only for the Best

Hilton Lawyers’ motor vehicle accident lawyers have been extremely successful in dealing with the newly introduced injury thresholds and the Injury Scale Values (ISV scale). Under this new set of rules, only moderate or serious injuries qualify for compensation. These rules have made it extremely important for victims of a motor vehicle incident to seek legal advice as soon as possible. When you work with our motor vehicle accident lawyers, we promise to provide you with adequate education and round up all the appropriate legal documents to ensure best results! We have successfully conducted thousands of claims, defending the rights of our clients in a resolute manner. We have also collected record sums for our clients to safeguard their financial well-being both in the short and long term. Our “no win, no fee” policy is unique and sets us apart from the rest of our peers in South Australia.

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