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Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Who is Hilton Law?

Hilton Lawyers is a team of South Australia’s most reliable personal injury lawyers Adelaide. We’ll help you process your worker’s compensation claim in the most efficient and stress-free way possible. Every plan of action we piece together is tailored to your unique situation, because we take the time to understand the complexities of every case. In addition to guiding you through your workers compensation, Hilton Lawyers offer a wide-range of services. We cover Motor vehicle accidents, insurance & superannuation matters, family law and will & estates. To Date, we’ve helped thousands of people within our community regain their confidence and come out on top. We understand that dealing with legal matters can be a mentally and emotionally draining process. So, empathise with our clients and offer mediation services to improve efficiency and communication between parties. Call us on (08) 8161 3600 to speak with our personal injury lawyers Adelaide today!

Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide

So, what actually is a personal injury claim?

Personal injury lawyers Adelaide will help you submit a claim if you have experienced physical or psychological trauma due to another party’s negligence. Whether it was caused by a driver on the road, an employer or just another individual—you need to be compensated for the impact of injury. When making your claim, our lawyers will guide you through what evidence needs to be presented. This might include evidence of the injury (e.g. photos and medical records), police reports, or any other records that suggest your lifestyle/wellbeing has been comprised as a result of the injury. Unfortunately, personal injury claims can take years to process. So, getting professional personal injury lawyers Adelaide on board is always advised—but finding the right team isn’t easy. Hilton Lawyers will work closely with you to ensure you receive all your entitlements in minimal time. Call us on (08) 8161 3600 today!

Our personal injury lawyers Adelaide

Each areas of law has different rules and regulation in place, so it’s important to seek out help from personal injury lawyers Adelaide who know their stuff! At Hilton Lawyers Adelaide, we have great confidence in our ability to provide you with a solution in minimal time. Education is also a huge part of our process, because there’s nothing worse than feeling vulnerable and left in the dark when your wellbeing is on the line. We provide specialist advice on:

  • Your entitlement to claim
  • What evidence needs to be presented to back your claim
  • Your rights if your claim is rejected
  • Accuracy of your weekly entitlements
  • Duration of your work cover claim

We’ll make sure you have the all the right information to move forward with confidence. Call us to speak with one of our professional personal injury lawyers Adelaide today!

Don’t wait until your conscience gets the better of you, start working towards your personal injury compensation today! Our team will provide you with all the guidance you need to succeed and receive your entitlements. Call Hilton Lawyers and book a consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers Adelaide on (08) 8161 3600. Your first consultation is completely free!

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