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Insurance & Superannuation

Claim the protection you are provided in work injury and loss

Most superannuation policies allow for monetary compensation for their members if they become sick, injured or, in the worst case, die. Often members do not realise that their superannuation scheme offers this cover.

Entitlements may include a lump sum payment or ongoing benefits, which could significantly ease financial difficulties for yourself or your family. In addition, you could also be entitled to claim continuing benefits or a lump sum amount from an insurance policy you may have independently purchased such as income protection, sickness or accident insurance. These claims can be made in addition to other compensation rights you may have.

Depending on the wording of your policy, you may be entitled to claim if:

  • You were working and your employer was paying compulsory superannuation and you suffer any injury or illness that has prevented you from working for 6 consecutive months;
  • You have entered into a private contract of insurance for income protection or disability insurance;
  • A person that you are dependent on (such as your partner or parent) dies and you wish to claim death benefits from the deceased’s superannuation fund or private insurer; and
  • You are under 60 or 65 years of age (depending on your policy)

It is important you seek your own legal advice at the earliest to ensure that you are aware of all your benefits and rights. We have helped hundreds to claim significant settlements from every large insurer in Australia. We offer specialist knowledge in superannuation and insurance claims so we can help you obtain a successful outcome with confidence.

Our lawyers can represent you during the assessment process to ensure that your claim is handled fairly and reasonably by the fund and the insurer. If you are already in dispute with a superannuation fund or insurer over an entitlement, we can help you challenge your fund’s decision by requesting reviews and, if necessary, by taking court action on your behalf.

To learn more details about how the claims process works, click here.

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