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Workers Compensation

Personal Injury Claims

Income compensation. Medical treatment. Stress reduction.

Hilton Lawyers is a leading Workers Compensation firm in South Australia. We have helped thousands of injured workers in claiming their rightful treatment and compensation.

If you suffer any physical or psychological injury at work you may be entitled to make a claim for workers compensation.

Personal Injury Specialists in Adelaide

The process for claiming compensation through WorkCover can be complicated. At Hilton Lawyers, we make the process easier for you by providing you with the right information and working with you through the claim process.

While on WorkCover you will be paid weekly salary and treatment until you have recovered and then go back to your pre-injury duties.

Personal Injury Settlements

We provide specialist advice on:

  • Your entitlement to claim.
  • Your rights if your claim is rejected.
  • Accuracy of your weekly entitlements.
  • Your rights to overtime payments.
  • Duration of your Workcover claim.
  • Your rights to continuation of weekly payments if you have to travel interstate or overseas.

To learn more details about how the claims process works, click here.

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