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Work Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Fight for Your Compensation

For over two decades, Hilton Lawyers expert team of Work Injury Lawyers Adelaide have been helping workers in desperate need of legal advice by securing their rights. We believe that the average worker is the most important element in the economic chain of Australia. This is why our team of Work Injury Lawyers Adelaide work and research extensively in the field of worker’s rights, providing specialist advice on matters such as the worker’s entitlement to claim in case of an injury, and how to secure these rights in case a claim is rejected. Understanding the financial intricacy of the situation, we also provide accurate analysis of the weekly entitlements of the affected worker/s. Feel like you have been mistreated by your company? Contact us now and secure justice along with your right to overtime payments and work cover claims. We will help you in your fight against an unjust system.

Work Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Expert Legal Advice for Workers in Need

Hilton Lawyers’ practiced team of Work Injury Lawyers Adelaide is trained to be a rock for workers in the need of steady support. The process for claiming compensation through Work Cover in Adelaide is extremely complicated. This is why we believe in client education. By informing our clients about their rights, the process for making the right claim becomes a lot easier. A combination of the right legal information and working with our clients throughout the entire claims process has been extremely effective for us in the past. Our team of Work Injury Lawyers Adelaide will take all the necessary steps to safeguard your rights to continuance of weekly payments, even if you have to travel interstate or out of the country. Our expertise on Work Cover issues guarantees our clients the right to be paid weekly remuneration and treatment until they have fully recovered.

Don’t Give Up Your Right to Fight

Our team of Work Injury Lawyers Adelaide have fought thousands of cases; securing the best outcomes for our clients. Be it securing the appropriate income compensation or making sure that the people responsible for any physical harm to our clients pay for the entire necessary medical treatment – our service is immaculate. In case the opposition is harsh and resolute in their bid to do you wrong, we can also secure stress reduction pay-outs. Hilton Lawyers’ team of Work Injury Lawyers Adelaide has been pioneers in the field of Workers Compensation firms Australia. With our dedicated service, we have been able to help thousands of injured workers in demanding their due treatment and compensation charges, including the right to go off-duty until all physical stress is treated.  If you have suffered from any physical or psychological grievance at work, make your rightful claim for workers compensation with our professional assistance.

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